Wed 1st
The Cosmic Soul Mind

The universe is a living consciousness and we are all part of the soul family. Tareth will take us into ways of deepening this connection through nature, the planets and the sun and how this is within us and can open doors to the soul family of love, healing and guidance. Tareth will use sounds he has manifested and recorded of this universal energy and of the sun that deepen that connection for you.

He will speak about how even black holes are not black they consciousness doorways and how transmissions of energy comes through them to help us grow. There is an upcoming transmission coming soon for theĀ  time that we live in of great change andĀ  opportunity. Tareth will talk about how his part in this will be to bring sounds that can be used to help this process

To complete the evening Tareth will hold a healing meditation where he will ask for the perfumed oil to be manifested and be shared with you as a sign that we are not alone and to share the divine love.

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