Wed 29th
Steve Judd
The Art of Forecasting
and How to Do it For Yourself

It’s only twenty years since I got my first computer and email address.  In that time, the cult of celebrity, social media, environmental awareness and fake news have all developed as permanent features in our lives.  And astrology has come a long, long way.  It’s now possible at the touch of a button to find hundreds of ways of influencing our futures.  In my lecture tonight I’ll be doing my best to give tips and techniques on how to use astrological forecasting for oneself, in a simple and easy to understand way.  And of course I’ll be looking from an astrological perspective at viruses, the ongoing Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter thing, the current crop of politicians – I’ll make you laugh and groan, hopefully at the same time.

Steve Judd has studied astrology since 1976, practiced it since 1979 and it’s been his only source of income since 2000.  He regularly posts on YouTube, where he has 50,000 followers.  He holds the MA in Cultural and Contemporary Astronomy and Astrology, and has been provisionally accepted for his PhD – if he ever gets time to do it.

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