The Sound Journey – Connect to Your True Source of Power


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

With the rapid change experienced in the world today, the need to connect deeply with our inner girls is ever more important. During this evening’s unique musical performance, Sika will take you on a journey to reconnect with your personal Source of Power.

This Sound Journey is powerful and deep! It enables you to move through obstacles within yourself, potentially invoking healing and profound transformation that can be carried forward into day to day life.

“This music comes from a deep connection to Great Spirit. Working intuitively with inner guidance, my intention isto ‘get out of the way’ and let Spirit come through me ” – Sika Rose
Journey into Altered States of Consciousness. Feel the healing energy and connect with your true Source of Power. In this ceremony, Sika will play a dynamic fusion of instruments close to and around your body.

This music is offered as a “Spirit Canoe” taking you floating down the river of your own Dreaming.

Close your eyes and experience the power of primordial sound as Sika plays a wide array of indigenous instruments including, Didgeridoos, drums, native flutes, rattles and natural objects like shells, wooden sticks, rocks andchimesto create subtle ambientsoundscapes.

In between each part of the Journey, Sika will add to the experience by sharing Earth Wisdom, Teachings and Personal Stories from the life and cultures he has experienced during the more than twenty years of travel around the world.

Internationally recognised as a virtuoso on Didgeridoo, Sika has created a unique and dynamic style. Often dancing and moving around the stage playing Didjeridoo, backed by layers of loops, driving drum rhythms, flutes, percussion and sweeping ambient soundscapes, his performances are absolutely mesmerising to experience.

He has played with Aztec elders at The Sun Pyramid Teotihuacan in Mexico and with Aboriginal people in the Australian desert. He has played Didj for Aboriginal Elders on stage and in healing ceremonies, performed at The NZ Embassy, Te Papa, The Commonwealth Institute, Stonehenge and Westminster Abbey.

Please note – this event ends at 10 pm

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