Wed 19th October
John Dalton
Mysteries of Sexuality

What is the essence and origin of the male and female? What is the intense power of sexuality?
In this talk we look at esoteric ideas on ‘The Fall’ into physicality, the division of the sexes, the human and animal kingdoms and the mysteries within the sexual realm. Looking at puberty, human fertility, lunar cycles and the physiology of reproduction, we picture the story of the human race.
This talk will consider gender orientation; how sexuality can be used and abused; and how each of us may have within, aspects of the opposite sex. We look at the male and female bodily forms and their relation to earth and cosmos. Using harp, major and minor scales are shown to represent masculine and feminine qualities in music, and much more.

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John learnt to play music from an early age, starting with harmonica and recorder, and then guitar, flute and his favourite sax, the soprano. He love this instrument because it can sound like a baroque trumpet, an oboe, bagpipes, Turkish and Indian shawms, and ancient and otherworldly horns.
John took up harp after waking up dreaming about it one rainy English morning. He had always loved the harp sounds and moods, and then discovered later that day that Bristol’s only harp teacher, Claire Hamilton, lived in the next street! She played and he knew that he had to have one of the magical instruments.
John writes, ‘If we picture the totality of music as a pie chart, containing everything – ancient, modern, folksy, classical, jazzy, experimental, intellectual, earthy… well, the harp really can produce something from every area’.
John is a regular and most welcome contributor to magical, candlelit evenings at Glastonbury Positive Living Group, John also works as a volunteer musician at the Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol.

John’s talks range from the history of the harp to the reasons for the the mysterious effects of music, and what music actually is.
Playing the harp at weddings and other festive events, John is available to play throughout Southern England and also in Portugal, where he keeps a harp.

Join us for another very special evening.
Early arrival is advised.

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