Music Harmony and Healing

John Dalton

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

In this enthralling talk, John Dalton will demonstrate with his harp the intimate connection between human beings and music, and why music is different from all the other arts.

It is these fundamental differences in the quality of sounds, and what lies within them, that explain why music can affect babies in the womb, children and adults alike. The healing power of music was recognised long ago, as in The Old Testament story of David and his harp. Today, as well as being an ‘artistic’ or entertainment experience, Music Therapy is now an established profession.

John will play us some harp examples, showing how this irresistible secret power of music affects our consciousness, touches our emotions and can uplift and inspire us. He will also consider the spiritual background of music, and how we can choose different kinds of music to benefit our wellbeing.

Song before speech…
Harp before bow…