Wed 11th May ~ Cathar Astrology ~ The Cathar Temple of Albion

Cathars used a unique astrological system from ancient Hyperborea.

Discover how sixteen kind constellations can restore our lost connection with divine, immaculate worlds.
Relocate your spiritual wings and bodies of light with previously hidden esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

Following the deeply fascinating and melodic evening with The Cathar Temple at Glastonbury Positive Living Group last autumn, here is another wonderful opportunity to relax into the beauty of Cathar artistry, songs and philosophy.

The Cathar Temple of Albion is part of an international Cathar movement led by modern Cathar prophet John Bogomil.
They are the successors of the spiritual tradition of medieval Catharism.
These spiritual guides travel around the world, giving workshops and public talks, as they share Cathar esoteric knowledge and practical experience.
Cathars John Bogomil

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