Wed 2nd ~ The Power of the Mind & the Wisdom of the Heart ~ Toby Negus

The meaning of life is in our mind and the reason why we do what we do has put it there.
The wisdom of life is in our heart and we have known it all along.
We have within our mind, a God-like ability to create our life and give it meaning, we may think anything about anything and choose any reason for anything we do. We also have within our heart; a touchstone for what is truly important, for it is always our heart that we go to for our purpose in life. This inspiring and sometimes radical talk will drawn from Toby’s book ‘The Sacred You – how to be your own saviour’. (available on Amazon).

We carry in our mind an inordinate amount of expectations and conditions about what should or should not happen, what things should and should not mean and what we will and will not feel because of it. Before we meet life we have already told it how it should be! This is ok if we know everything, but we know only a cardboard phantom of life.
There is a vast unknown universe of life and meaning just beneath the surface of all that we see.
When we truly learn from life it is always from what was unexpected, this unexpected learning gets through the barrier of our expectations and its power can be profound, changing our view of life and ourselves. It may be a small glimpse of life from the laughter of a child or a moment of peace; or it can be life changing event that takes away our view of who we think we are. Whatever the cause, it gives us a chance to remake ourselves in the light of the experience.

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Toby has studied and taught cutting-edge spiritual and personal development in the UK and around the world for over three decades. This journey has offered the acquisition of an abundant treasure of principles that help free the mind and heal the heart in practical and sustainable ways.

Do read more about Toby and have a look at his wonderful books and exquisite art work

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