Wed 23rd ~ The Revolutionary New Remedies They Don’t Want You To Know About ~ Clive de Carle

Clive’s journey into health was sparked by a major health crisis in the 1980’s. A fit and healthy man in his early 30’s Clive was prescribed a course of antibiotics by his doctor for a skin condition which left him eventually hospitalised with a range of critical health issues including Type 1 diabetes and advanced and disfiguring rheumatoid arthritis with, according to doctors, no hope of a cure.

With no solutions being offered other than pharmecuetical drugs and surgery, Clive was forced to do his own health research discovering that the symptoms were caused by a simple nutritional deficiency brought about by the antibiotics which had inhibited his body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Consequently, Clive put himself on a regime of nutritional supplements and within one year found he had completely reversed the arthritis.

Through Clive’s work, thousands of people who conventional medicine were told were incurable have now recovered their health using natural means, including those suffering from advanced terminal diseases.

In Clive’s own words, ‘In essence, I study health and wellness while doctors study illness, drugs, radiation and surgery. Doctors do not study health and usually only spend half a day on the vital subject of nutrition. The benefits from vibrant good health are well-known to us all but few realize what the basic rules are and just how simple they are to follow’.

Topics for this evening’s talk will include:

Reversing the symptoms of illness
Understanding pain relief
How to make perfect babies, easily
What health is and how to have it
Natural remedies from the past and the wonder materials of today
The secrets of the Russian super-soldier program explained

and much more…

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