Wed 29th June ~ Your Hero Within: Uncovering Your Spiritual Journey of Growth and Transformation ~ Andy Brine

This evening Andy Brine will be talking about how the hero’s journey applies to you and your life. He will be sharing an overview of The Hero’s Journey as a whole, as we look back at its origins in history. He will then look at how this natural structure plays out in each area of your life and how you can then use it as a guide for your spiritual growth and transformation. 
As Andy takes you through the journey, you will go on a walk down memory lane and as you look back at your past, this will help you to gain clarity on your present situation in order to build a vision of what you want to create in the future. Throughout each stage of the journey he will teach you how it relates to you and your life whilst guiding you through each step on your path.

He will also speak about how your spiritual journey builds your character and your persona. Sharing how your path is a place on nurturing a each aspect of your Ego, your Self and your Shadow to become a complete soul.
During the second part of the talk, he will speak about archetypal characters you will meet on your journey and path to support in your individual growth and development.
Andy Brine Hero Profile
Andy is a personal Hero’s Journey Transformational Coach who assists people on their path and journey of Spiritual Growth and Transformation. He use the structure of The Heros Journey to help people gain a sense of clarity and direction in their lives. Showing people how they can gain a deeper understanding of themselves by connecting with their own hero’s journey so they can live a life of purpose and passion.

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