Wed 15th June ~ Purify and Transform! ~ Jacqueline Hobbs (Oracle Girl)

Experience the Diamond Light.

As a human being, you can now receive a new much lighter frequency within your body which will raise your vibration and integrate denser energies which you no longer need. In this talk I describe my work as a physical bridge for this new frequency and will take you into a group healing. This planet is rapidly purifying: we must now drop denser frequencies and outdated systems from our body – heal and move on – or miss a golden opportunity. We cannot resolve our challenges on the level that they exist. But if we open to the indestructible purity within our own selves the entire field of our being – and Earth herself – is transformed.

Known for her unique ability to transform people’s vibration through her presence, word and touch; her fascinating personal journey, spiritual experiences and advanced studies in Tibet, China and India; and for her brilliant blogs and talks on working with a variety of energies, healing, intuition, entity and space clearing, amongst other topics, Dr Jacqueline Hobbs will present another stimulating, expansive evening in Glastonbury this Wednesday.

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