Instant Manifestation – Use the Law of Attraction to Enjoy Life Now

Michael James

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Many people are looking for their life to get better tomorrow, next week or next year. Self-improvement or personal development can become a journey that never ends and involves a lot of work and sometimes little results.

You may have read about the Law of Attraction. There is so much spoken about the subject that it can all get over-complicated.

Do we visualise what we want? Do we meditate more? Do we let go and surrender – and if so, how do we effectively do this?

Michael James has facilitated over 500 groups and workshops to-date based on the practical application of spiritual principles – and has seen countless people transform their life in the process (Please see for examples). In this new interactive talk you will learn the specific practices that have worked again and again for so many others- and will work for you direct from his new book Instant Feeling Good. You will learn how to both enjoy your current life more – and live the benefits of the life you want from today. This relaxed event will include a group meditation and visualisation together with written techniques (worksheets provided).

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