Wed 3rd February ~ Homeopathy – a regenerative medicine ~ Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward R.S.Hom will present a complete ‘re-vision’ of homeopathy. He will reveal what it really, truly is and what it is not. He will explain what it can do and what it cannot.
Most people either think they know what it is or they have some wild ideas and views based on what they have heard in the press. Andrew will counter these myths and will explore how useful homeopathy can be in restoring our health and regenerating our organisms to a much healthier level.
He will be using some case examples and he will be welcoming an open and interesting discussion with the audience. He invites as many questions as possible in what will be an highly interesting, educational, interactive evening about health!

Andrew Ward LCH, Dip IACH, R.S.Hom has been in full-time practice for 25 years. He worked for 14 years in a fully funded NHS practice and has studied and worked with Professor George Vithoulkas, winner of the Altenative Nobel Prize for 20 years in Greece.
He runs the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy 2-yr Training Course in the UK, currently based in Bath.
He teaches at many colleges and has recently presented a Levels of Health course in Connecticut, USA on behalf of the IACH.

For further details please see Andrew’s website:

Homeopathy quote-the-highest-ideal-of-cure-is-the-speedy-gentle-and-enduring-restoration-of-health-by-samuel-hahnemann-96-36-21

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