Wed 17th February ~ The Truth about Tantra: Sacred Sexual Healing in the 21st Century

This Wednesday we are delighted to be joined by Pauline of Glastonbury Tantric Temple.

Tantra offers fresh perspectives on intimacy with self and others, on how we behave in relationships, make choices and agreements, and express our true selves in all areas of our lives. It supports us to recognise how we limit our pleasure, our self-determination and our full potential. It shows us what we hide from, and what limits us, in life.

Tantra or Tantric Practice are terms heard often, and yet sometimes it has not been made clear about what they exactly mean.

Tantric practice is the ancient art of connecting with ones self. We learn to embrace and nurture ourselves in the full expression of our being. This self-connection and understanding offers subtle and profound growth and healing.

Pauline will clarify what Tantra is and talk about some of the ways in which tantra might increase your capacity for feeling pleasure and your connection with your body, senses and emotions. Tantra brings greater awareness of self, more body confidence and self-esteem. It introduces us to the concept of developing and growing into our full potential as we better understand the nature of our intimate relationship with ourselves, and with others.

Pauline has experience in tantra, sexological bodywork and psychosexual somatics. She is trained in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki healing. A nurse by professional background, she has a particular expertise and understanding of the ways in which physical limitations may impact on sexuality and sense of self. She is skilled in supporting clients to find greater pleasure in, and connection with, their bodies and their true potential as erotic beings

Pauline has trained extensively with Shakti Tantra and has also completed the Urban Tantra Professional Training.

Pauline is one of the highly trained and experienced therapists at Glastonbury Tantra Temple.

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W O R K S H O P !

Bristol 1 Day Workshop

The “Art of Sacred Tantric Touch” Taster Day

Are you curious or intrigued by ‘Tantric Massage’? Are you seeking new ways to connect with people through loving touch? Would you like to discover your sensual self?
Join us for this introductory workshop and initiation into “The Art of Tantric Touch”.

There is a power, a beauty and depth in Tantric massage that goes way beyond the concept of a ‘happy ending’. Tantra Massage has the capacity to transform, to uplift and to heal, all through receiving loving touch from another.

This workshop is open to all who are curious and genuinely seeking Tantric experience. You don’t need a partner as you will be guided in partnering with different people in different exercises over the course of the weekend. If you would like to come with a friend or beloved, then you are welcome to work only with them.

In this highly experiential and hands-on workshop, you will discover:

The essence of Tantric Touch
The connection between sexuality, heart and spirit
Simple rituals to create sacred space
Specific techniques to awaken energy and move it through the body
The keys to energy awakening – breath, sound and movement

There will be no intimate genital massage in this introductory day. Lingam and yoni massage will be covered in the subsequent training weekends in March (working with men) and May (working with women).

The workshop is clothing optional. There will be nudity in the room and it’s important that you feel at ease with this. Participants are invited to undress to whatever level they feel comfortable with and the engage with touch as feels good to them moment to moment.

For those considering Tantra Massage as a profession, this one-day workshop provides an introductory pathway to the Practitioner Training and Accreditation

Who teaches the workshop?

Our Tantric massage course is taught by Gayatri and Doug, who both have many years experience in teaching and practising Tantra Massage on men and running workshops. They will teach a group of both men and women on how to give a Tantra Massage session.

Workshop Location, Date & Price

Date: Saturday 27th February 2016. 10:00 – 20:00
Location: Breath Bristol Yoga Center, 3 All Saints Court, Bristol, BS1 1JN (Location Map Here)
Cost: £ 95 per person

To reserve your place on this day or to find out more please email us. We would be happy to hear from you.

Book your place
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