Embodying the Dream: Archetypal Dreamwork

Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Master Dreamworkers Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster live the Mystery of the Dream in the magic of Archetypal Dreamwork, their teaching, and in their own personal relationship. They are popular facilitators invited to bring their knowledge and work to spiritual centres in the US such as Esalen, Rowe Conference Centre and Kripalu. In between writing and teaching they enjoy traveling to sacred sites on the earth, feeding their enchantment for the sacred in the outer as well as the inner world.

Marc and Christa offer a unique form of dream re-enactment they call Strings. It is a dynamic and intuitive way to bring the dream to life in a group setting. While they walk you through the dream sequence with other participants playing different parts of your dream, a wealth of feeling and hidden truth surfaces from the depths of the unconscious. As we dive into the deeper realms of the unconscious, we begin to open to the potential of becoming our truest self as the Soul. Marc and Christa will both talk about–and show– the power of Archetypal Dreamwork in an evening presentation and experiential exploration of the sacred message of our dreams.