Cathar Spiritual Practice; The Cathar Temple of Albion

The Cathar Temple of Albion

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Cathar Temple of Albion represents an international spiritual movement, led by John of The Holy Grail. He is a living Cathar prophet and author of 450 books, who has inherited teaching from the white elders of ancient Hyperborea and Atlantis.

We are successors of the spiritual tradition of medieval Catharism. Members of our communities live together and practice unique Cathar teachings in several countries. We are happy to share Cathar esoteric knowledge and our practical experience.

Main topics

~ Ancient prophecies from the apex of divinities

~ Cathar cosmology and astrology

~ Erasing black karma

~ Universal laws of spiritual living

~ How to open your heart and activate spiritual bodies of light

~ Cathar meditation practices (breathing and gesture prayers, singing ancient chants, movement meditation, etc.)

~ How to incorporate Cathar spiritual practices into modern life

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