Sat 24th & Sun 25th
Médecine Symbolique Dowsing Workshop
with Claire and Pascal Roussey-Simon

We are delighted to welcome Claire and Pascal Roussey-Simon to Glastonbury again to offer the opportunity to experience this remarkable system that uses dowsing rods to clear past trauma, ancestral lines, and present issues.

There have been two types of medicine for a long time:

– The medicine of the body, which aims at removing or attenuating disturbing physical symptoms.
– The medicine of the mind, which deals with invisible phenomena disrupting mental and/or emotional health.

Symbolic Medicine proposes to explore a third dimension: that of the soul. In fact, the problems of the soul, whether they are related to the incarnation, the unconscious refusal to respect one’s deep desires or one’s path of evolution, can only be expressed through the body.

From this point of view, physical illnesses, emotional or mental disturbances are markers used to awaken our consciousness, and not only inconveniences to be suppressed without it being necessary to make sense of them.

The technique is practiced in a multitude of areas: homes, businesses, the suffering of the body, both with physical and emotional problems, the search for meaning in life, family lines… In all cases, the goal is to go towards a greater well being, an awakening of the conscience and a greater freedom.

In this weekend workshop, Claire and Pascal will explore this life-enhancing practice and tools:

A presentation of Symbolic Medicine • Discovery and handling of dowsing rods. • Qi Gong • Detection of various symbolic signals proposed by the rods. • Using the rods with timelines • Auras: calibration and detection of tree auras. • How to experience and understand the subtlety of the different languages of the rods and how to receive symbolic messages of the invisible.

Excitingly, the talk will also be an opportunity to announce and present the very first English Symbolic Medicine training planned to begin in Glastonbury in the near future.

There are limited spaces on this unique workshop so please book in advance of the weekend.

Times: Saturday, 2pm – 5pm, Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Just £80 for both weekend sessions (£60 for those on very low income).
Please book via Glastonbury Inner Light at

The venue is in the centre of Glastonbury town.

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