Wed 19th Magic and Wizardry Creating Magic and Meaning with Mario Morris An Autumn Evening Talk, Demonstration, Tales and… Magic

As the evenings grow darker, and the deep, velvetine cloak of Samhain surrounds the bubbling cauldron of our ancient town… A sparkling evening of intrigue, awareness, fun, and magic with Avalon’s brilliant magician, Mario Morris!

Through a short performance and talk, storytelling, and demonstrations, Mario will be presenting how he applies magic with meaning to every avenue of his work, be it performing magic, coaching, divination, or guided meditation. Many of these skills can be transferred to your everyday life or your practice.
The modern-day performing Magician has a rich history that can be traced back to the Pharaohs’ courts of ancient Egypt. At certain points in history, they have appeared as advisors to kings and queens. During WWII, a stage Magician served by creating James Bond-like gadgets and fake targets with the aim of misguiding German fighter pilots. In many circles, they retain their roots as travelling magical storytellers and poets and often share their craft around campfires as Shamans, Bards, and Wizards of the old ways. In more recent times, there has been a new breed of magicians who are reclaiming their roots in the craft and practise that existed before the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Their chief aim is to create magic with meaning. The awakened modern-day Magician will frequently act as a conduit, transforming everyday, mundane life into a magical and wondrous world. A performing Magician of mystery aims to go way beyond just tricking their audience. They create a real, deep, magical experience for their audiences.

This evening will lead us on a journey exploring mystery, magic, and bizarre illustrated storytelling. We will explore the archetypal journey of a Magician from a trickster to a performing Wizard. When is it appropriate to add “K” to the word “magic”? We will also touch on “The Way of the Time Lord” and how we relate to time and space.

Mario Morris, Avalon’s performing Magician, has been creating magical moments and experiences for his audiences through his street performances, comedy shows, and bizarre magic shows for decades. He combines mystery and magic in a ritual-like performance and has a passion for Fire Circle ceremonies and facilitating transformational events to further create magic with meaning. In addition, Mario conducts Tarot and Scrying readings together with guided meditation, coaching, and mentoring.

Mario is a teacher at the World Premiere Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas (since 2010).

He is the founder of the World’s Famous School of Busking (founded in 2006), co-founder, with Veronica Morris, of Magic and Wizardry, and the founder of The School of Magic and Wizardry in Glastonbury (founded in 2015). He has a degree in coaching and mentoring from Oxford Brookes University. He is a life-honorary member of Italy’s oldest magic circle, the CLAM, and the first place winner of the Welsh Melin Award for the best street magician in Wales.

Glastonbury Town Hall.
Doors open at 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.

Entry is on a first-arriving basis.
Please bring the correct change.
£7 on the door with light refreshments included.

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