Wed 13th October
Toby Negus
The heart knows what the mind cannot see:
Divining the divine self
An exploration into the power and perception of the heart

The heart is the source of our truth. Not the truth of yesterday or tomorrow that the mind struggles to know, but the truth of the moment, the living truth.

The heart is no place of shallow emotions or vain morality, it is the source of a passion and power that has created all the lights of the world. All great art and all the acts of humanity have been born from the heart because all beauty is created from the idea of love. Without love, hope has no home, courage no direction, and fortitude no purpose.

It is where we will always go to know what is truly important to us, what it is that we would not want to live without. When we act from our heart, we bring peace to our soul, because the soul lives in what the heart loves.

The heart is the custodian of our destiny for without heart our life has no meaning.

It is our authentic touch in life that holds our path and our purpose.

The head may be good at sorting and planning in the outer world. But is not so good at being with the moments of life. That is the hearts art. The head is just too slow and clumsy to perceive and know the cause of the manifested world, its energy and its meaning.

The talk will have times of meditation and be illustrated with slides.

Toby Negus

Abbey House, doors will open from 6.30pm for start at 6.45/7pm.
For the past few weeks we have held the meetings in the garden. Now that the sunset time has become much earlier, we will spend most or all of the evening in the house with the room ventilated.

Please attend only if you are well and are prepared to look after by every means, our more vulnerable attendees.
If you feel unwell or have any symptoms of a cold or a cough, please come along on an occasion when you are fully recovered.
Please bring your own mug or flask and teabag plus snacks if you would like to. Hot water will be provided.
£7 (£6 concs.) on the door. If you are able to bring the correct change this really helps us.

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