Wed 29th
Brian Snyder
Energy Works

Energy Works is a vocabulary and perspective that allow us to perceive and move energy with little effort. This allows us to join in and adjust the flow of life to better achieve our goals. Whether water, wind, money, prana, chi, emotions, communication, or anything really, EnergyWorks gives us the tools to be in the flow of life.

This introductory evening with Brian will be comprised of theory, demonstration, and some simple partnered exercises (for those who would like to) that show how energy can be moved easily when understood. Concepts of giving, receiving, and talking/listening will be explored with exercises that move energy in both uncomfortable and comfortable ways. By feeling the difference, we learn the value of being in flow and how to create it.

It will be as fascinating and inspiring as the body language event that Brian shared with the Inner Light group in September, and it will also be different, with new techniques to learn. It is suitable for both those who attended Brian’s previous evening with us, and for those new to this technique.

About Brian and his mentor, Patrick Collard:

Brian was an apprentice of Patrick Collard, the developer of the Collard Method. Former students of Patrick’s work may recognise some of the vocabulary, techniques, and results on the TV series ‘The Mentalist.’

Brian says, “This path is not the Collard Method, though it is closely related. Much of my time for the past twenty years has been relegated to decompressing Patrick’s techniques to make them more accessible to us; the nature of his skills was, for the most part, unfathomable until now.

Graduates of the YBNL College who previously studied with Patrick will gain a new understanding and ability to use their Collard Method skills in new ways and with greater certainty and efficacy.”

We can split the Collard Method into four categories:

*Body: The location and release of old memories from the body The use of body language to identify stuck energy The identification of the energy’s source as a specific memory The release of that energy (and the resulting relief).

*Mind: Resetting our internal clock to the present time. Retraining our misidentification with “not enough” shifts us from “human doings” into “human beings.”

*Soul: learning to trust connections, shifting us from trusting thoughts to trusting sensations.
Retraining our misidentification with the body.

*Society: learning to trust balance. Learning to trust win-win in negotiations and contracts.
Shifting perceptions of power from high energy to low energy.


Goddess Hall, Benedict Street., Glastonbury. Doors open at 6.30pm, with the talk beginning at 7pm.

£8  on the door.

Please see below for Brian’s additional Thursday talk for those who did not attend his previous event with us all about Your Body Never Lies (and for those who would like to experience it again), 30th November, at Goddess Hall, 7pm–9pm, £8.00.

Brian will share an exciting Energy Works workshop on Friday, 1st December, 6-9pm, in the Avalon Room at The Glastonbury Experience.
On Saturday 2nd, there will be afternoon “Wing Release” group healing sessions.
On Sunday 3rd, Brian will offer an online workshop, “The Playshop.”
There will also be time for one-to-on sessions. Please see details below: “Table Training.”

Read more on Brian’s website and scroll to his Glastonbury Events, listed at the bottom of the College section in the left hand column of the home page.
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