Wed 16th
Matthew Haines

Ark-Healing has been born out of necessity, being that there is conversion point coming, where humanity has to make its decision of being positive or negative, both light and dark are doing their utmost to guide us to this point and make us ready to choose our way.

It is more than just a stand-alone healing modality, it is also a concept that brings about true understanding about empowerment, disempowerment and ultimately, sovereignty, neutrality, and unity.

The concept is one of high vibration, both positive and negative. Our reality has, in fact, been shaped by what we perceive as “high vibrational negative”, and almost all information, transmissions, and channelings have to go through the negative filters, because, here on Earth, at this time, we live in a negative control system.

Ark-Healing not only brings forward, why, when, and how this happened, but also who is involved, and it also brings a solution to the problem.

In other words, Ark-Healing is a solution to a deeply rooted problem that dates back to the conception of Atlantis and the beginning of the Fall.

The Essence of Ark-Healing.

Ark-Healing is a simple, guided process that helps the body heal itself physically and energetically by removing energetic “bleed points.”

Energetic bleed points are energetic connections to alternate lifetimes that can be felt physically and emotionally, such as through aches, pains, or disease, or through repeated patterns such as toxic relationships or the inability to walk away from a toxic person or situation.

What sets Ark-Healing apart from other healing modalities is that not only is it a learnable process that you can learn and use on yourself, but it is also a brilliant “bolt on” to other healing and counselling techniques, where with the correct training it can be used in real time anywhere to help people navigate through and release the energetic bleed points as they present in the moment.

A great attribute of the method is that it is a hands-off, non-biased approach to healing, that is open to everyone, irrespective of belief systems.

It is a modality that embraces sovereignty, because it always honours the client by helping them develop the skills to do this for themselves, and in turn, with the correct training, they can help others, by becoming practitioners or teachers of this brilliant modality.

Not only has Ark-Healing got a steadily growing number of practitioners and its first international practitioner in Germany, but in addition, Ark-Healing has reached Finland, France, Belgium, Greece, and Australia.

What you will receive during the talk:

What exactly is Ark-Healing?

You will be guided through a “GAPI,” which is called the “power of three, sphere of protection.” This is a process that will help you remain safe and protected in your spiritual work.

How to tell the difference between what is of the light and what is pretending to be of the light.

An overview of the High Vibrational Positive and High Vibrational Negative.

Understanding the building blocks that led to the fall of Atlantis and what the fall actually was.

Understanding how Karma affects us and our physical reality.

Understanding negative entities and how to remove them.

The number 17.

Also, if time allows, a walkthrough of an Ark-Healing session.

“When I started to practice and to bring a High Vibration positive into my life every day, it has changed everything in many ways. I have a flow, synchronicities are happening again constantly, I also don’t get pulled into any unnecessary drama and can see things that I’ve never visually been able to see before and can feel into my authentic resonance and dissonance automatically. Which has helped me see drama leave my life in many ways and I’ve found a balance that energetically empowers me. It is as though I have been released from a vibration that had always held me back and I’ve naturally just connected into all the positive and I am more consistent in every way.

Not only has it benefited me, but it has changed the lives of my two sons that live with me. It helped shift my energy which has automatically created more of a balance with everyone around me, it has helped my eldest son change his life completely and shift out of his addiction to drugs. Going through 3 sessions of Ark-Healing and the attunement completely released him from the energetics of the core thread life of where that started from which has helped him create a balance in this life that we have never seen before in him. That self-abusive energy that he carried with him has just completely disappeared. He honours and acknowledges himself in ways every day that I have never witnessed, and it is so wonderful to see.

The wonderful thing about this healing modality is that anyone can do it, it is fun and fascinating and on an energetic level it is so advanced it is the way forward in this world to awaken everyone to their power. It is a 5D healing modality. I still get blown away with each person’s session and what comes up and is revealed is incredible. It empowers people in a way I’ve never seen before I would recommend it to everyone to become a practitioner as it’s not an expensive course at all and it will expand your consciousness on an everyday level. On the course it has lovely teachers very friendly, fun and down to Earth teaching the history of our Universe and energetics, you learn all about clearing balancing and grounding your physical and energetic bodies which is invaluable these days. Not only do you empower yourself but also your family and friends plus you learn a new healing modality which you can integrate easily within your healing practice and work or just use by itself, or for your own learning and healing journey. It works on all levels and is for everyone on all levels.

~ Melissa Connor

Abbey House, doors 6.30pm for 7pm start.
£7.00 on the door with refreshments included.

We would like to do our upmost to be attentive to the needs of everyone attending our talks, including those who have delicate immune systems. If you have a cough, cold, or are unwell with any type of virus, please come along on another occasion when you are fully recovered. If this means that you will miss a talk that you are particularly keen on attending, please contact us in advance so that we can explore what we can do to assist.

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