Thurs 28th
Médecine Symbolique workshop:
The Energetic Body – The Aura:
Dowsing & Healing 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Some extraordinary and wonderful things happened for some of the participants in the group last May.
Whether you attended the first one or whether this will be your first experience of Claire & Pascal’s incredible work, do join us in a smaller group to learn more about how Medecine Symbolique works on this energetic level.

The aura is made up of several envelopes or layers: ethereal, emotional, mental, karmic…

The dowsing rods can easily detect these layers and see precisely the hollows and bumps of each.
Just as the body keeps tracks of the physicals traumas of the past through scars still visible after decades, the energy body also keeps the memory of disturbing events.
Medecine Symbolique can decrypt these symbols and put meaning on these reliefs. These awakenings allow to move towards a well-being, towards equilibrium and harmony.

The workshop lasts around three hours and will answer some very interesting questions:
– How big is my aura?
– What is its shape, and what does this form want to show me?
– Why a hollow in this place of my energetic body? Which layer of my aura is concerned?
– What to do?

Thursday 28th November. 5.30pm – 8.30pm.

Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury.

£20 when booked on Wednesday evening at the talk. £25 on the door subject to availability.

On Friday 29th November, Claire & Pascal will be offering one-to-one healing sessions during the daytime. These are offered at a special price of £65 (usually £80) for attendees of Positive Living.
To book your one-to-one session, please email

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