Wed 8th
Katinka Haycraft
A Journey through the Ragas and Music of North India

The divine is infinite, of infinite form

How then am I to pray?

Within each note of the Rags and Raginis

The divine reveals its own form

In the universe, sounds vibrate witout end

A flame burns in me

The brightness of a 100 suns shines within me!

How fortunate am I to be given the chance to serve

                       (excerpt from Bhajan Dhanya bhag seva ka avsar paya)

Set in spiritual and historical contexts, Katinka will take you on a exploration of  Nada (Sound) and how it manifests in the cycle and nature of the Ragas, their different qualities and powers, their structure and unfoldment within the different musical traditions of North India.

You will be explained and led through the process of learning, the transmission from the gurus to the student, the practice of the lowest note, the ornaments and their fine subtleties, srutis and microtones,  the placement of the voice and how it is cultured for flexibitlity and attunement to the silence beyond the sound.

You will be introduced to the different styles of composition, the many rhythmic cycles and their vocal mneumonics, the interplay between the voice/instruments and the drums and the art of improvisation and its perameters.

There will be a small exhibition of indian instruments with basic demonstrations of how they are played!

In 1981 Katinka set off to India on a quest to try and grasp the spiritual and healing power of voice. It is an ongoing humbling journey.

All that she shares tonight is thanks to the blessings of her gurus and their patient generosity in trying to impart to her some of the  gems of their beautiful music and culture. Great Gratitude to Surya Kumari (carnatic), to Dr Ritwik Sanyal of Varanasi and Uday Bhalwalkar (carriers of the Dagar Dhrupad Tradition), to Mangala Tivari and Alaknanda Patel (Khyal ), to Manoj Dubey (Thumri)  to Sukhedev Mishra (violin) and to Vasgaishastri (Sanscrit and Nada yoga), AND all of Mother India for all that they shared.

Hare Hare Mahadev!

Dancing feet Ragas

Shive and Parvati

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