Wed 1st
Bharti Baron
Pakoras of Light! A Journey through the Culinary Delights of India

Tonight we welcome Bharti Baron on a taste bud-tantalising journey through the delights of Indian vegetarian cuisine.

Using traditional methods passed down through generations of her family, Bharti will explain the connections between Hindu spirituality and the art of cooking with and without spices. The ingredients Bharti chooses reflect the understanding of well being through nutrition and the ritual of cooking, which includes prayers and mantras, for the creation of well being through high vibration. During the evening Bharti will give practical demonstrations and there will be the invitation to sample her creations.

Bharti was born in Uganda and came to England as a child. In Africa, with the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables all around them, Bharti learnt to cook with her mother, Parvati. Parvati had learnt to cook in Gugarat, Western India. Everyday Gugarati cooking is not spicy, is always colourful, and full flavoured.

Bharti is the owner of ‘Parvati’s Restaurant’ in The Gauntlet, Glastonbury, which has a fine reputation for it’s delicious food, lovely surroundings and it’s incredibly warm welcome.







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