Wed 27th
Hugh le Prevost
Our Incredible Human Potential:
The True Story of Christianity

Who and what is God?

Who really was Jesus and what is the real reason that he came here?

Who and what are Angels and what is their purpose?

Who, what and why is man and what is his purpose?

What is the ‘Kingdom of God’?

What is the true purpose of the Church?

It’s not what you think!

Including reflection on the story of Joseph of Arimathea, this evening Hugh will discuss with us: aspects of God, the nature of the Universe, and Humanities place in that Universe from the understanding of true Christianity. This is something that transcends what we may have come to believe through traditional avenues of Christian teachings. Understanding the origins and the essence of what we have been presented by the Church brings us to a new and far deeper understanding of who and what we are and why we are here at this time.

Born in Guernsey, Hugh le Prevost was inspired to seek the truth, becoming a Lay Minister at an early age and pursuing the practice and teachings of this for many years until, inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Christian Rozenkreuz, he was drawn to travel and the exploration of sacred sites around the world and the wide study of mystical teachings.
Hugh has lived in Glastonbury for 19 years and he continues to lecture and to pursue his studies with appreciation of the rich cultural heritage that Britain has to offer.

Hear Hugh in interview on Gfm radio on the same Wednesday evening in advance of his talk at the group. The radio interview will take place at 5.15pm. Following this, keep listening for local news, creativity, poetry and music. 107.1fm local FM frequency at at worldwide.

[Main photo: The stars and galaxy as seen from Rocky Mountain National Park by Jeremy Thomas]

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