Thurs 28th
Michael White
Fall or Fly?
Approaching the Ecological Cliff Edge

Indigenous peoples say we have a sacred duty to pass on a healthy and abundant world to future generations, just as our ancestors left it for us.

How can we justify destroying a forest or a coral reef just for profit? We have disturbed the well-being of our planet Gaia and all her species. As we exceed planetary boundaries and tipping-points, we ask how we allowed this to happen and why didn’t we hold governments to account?

Michael White has lived his life dealing with the consequences of humankind’s inability to heed the advice of its indigenous peoples. This talk will take us quickly through 270 years of the Industrial Age, to the present, and where we are right now. His conclusions will allow us to answer what the future holds.

Do we FALL? Or do we FLY?

If it is to be the latter, how?

We are really looking forward to this evening and the opportunity to get to know Michael. To find out from someone who has been on the front line of protecting an eco system from quite literally disappearing beneath the waves, what we can do to turn things around.

How to give more than we take.

Dr Michael White  FMBA

Marine Zoologist, Climate Change.
Member of IUCN – Species Survival Commission: Marine Turtle Specialist Group.
DOSI: Marine Pollution Working Group & Deep-Sea Biodiversity-Conservation Task Force.
President of Hakono Hararanga, Tongareva Atoll.

Abbey House, Chilkwell Street.
Doors 6.30pm for 7pm start.
£7 on the door incl. refreshments.
Please attend only if you are confident that you are well and are prepared to look after by every means, our more vulnerable attendees. We wish to take care to make sure that everyone at the group feels and is safe as far as possible. Therefore we ask that each of you please take full responsibility for both yourself, your own well being and safety, and to consider others with the greatest of care.

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