Wed 3rd
Judge Smith
An Alternative View

Judge has strange tales to tell of his experiences inside Scientology, the controversial ‘science fiction’ religion.

In London he worked at their organisation on Tottenham Court Road and went to sea with L. Ron Hubbard before leaving the cult in the early 1970’s. To put his own experiences into context, he will also be outlining the bizarre and remarkable history of the movement and its extraordinary leader.

Is Scientology the ultimate technology of human development and the only hope for our planet? Or simply an outrageous confidence trick to snare gullible millionaires and deranged movie stars?

Judge does not support either of these standard narratives, but hopes to offer an alternative, and more nuanced view of the subject.

Judge Smith (his real name) co-founded the influential rock band Van der Graaf Generator in 1967 with singer-songwriter Peter Hammill, and since then has continued to be involved in numerous musical projects as writer, composer or performer. 

In 2017, he published a book on spirituality, The Universe is Made of Voices.

Judge lives in Somerset and is currently recording two new albums.

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