Thurs 25th
Pascal & Claire
What are they?
What can we do about them?

We are delighted to announce that visiting  teachers Pascal and Claire will be joining us again all the way from France. They will be leading what is sure to be a fascinating contemplation on the often misunderstood topic of Entities and Entity Attachments.

What are entities and how do they manifest in our environments and in the physical body?

Pascal and Claire Roussey-Simon are experienced dowsers practicing Médecine Symbolique.

Médecine Symbolique (Symbolic Medicine) views geopathic stress, entity attachments, and emotional blockages as potential root causes of unhappiness or illness. They will demonstrate the importance of consciousness in the healing process when addressing entities. Fundamental to their approach are dowsing rods, used to indicate necessary steps.

Pascal and Claire will share how they approach the experience of entity attachments to bring relief and harmony to all involved.

Symbolic Medicine uses dowsing rods to decipher and interpret symbols and messages in energy fields. Relating healing and soul open a huge scope of new and fascinating perspectives. Claire and Pascal have observed extremely positive and relevant results on unsettled energies within homes and workplaces, as well as on the physical and emotional in human beings and animals.

The couple live in the French Alps and teach in several training centres in France, Belgium and Quebec as members of the team of trainers gathered around Gilles and Rose Gandy (creators of the method). They are currently teaching the first ever training in Glastonbury, which began last year.

Claire is also a Qi-gong and yoga teacher. They have been married for more than thirty years and have two children.

For those wanting to experience the techniques personally, they hope to extend an invitation for healing sessions to interested participants, some of which may be available this Friday daytime, 26th January in Glastonbury. The sessions last for between and hour and an hour and a half and the price is £60.

If you would like to book a session in advance of Thursday’s talk, please contact, or you can book on Thursday evening at the end of the talk. Students of the current training may also be available to offer an opportunity to work with attendees.

This Thursday evening also serves as a great introduction to the entity module of the broader Médecine Symbolique dowsing practitioner training course.

Avalon Room, The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard.
Doors 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.
£8 (£7) on the door.

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