Wed 22nd
Rob Bray
Investigating synchronistic alignments
between places of personal significance

Geosynchronicity is the name that Rob Bray has given to his study of geographical alignments between places of personal signficance. Combining elements of psychogeography, deep topography, leys, and astronomical cycles, Rob has developed a fascinating area of research into synchronicities. As our life paths move us through the worldly landscape, Geosynchronicity offers insights into how our outward journeys are entwined with the inner journey to greater knowledge of the self.

Geosynchronicity also extends beyond the earthly landscape by considering where in the sky the sun, moon, and planets are at significant times in our lives. This is related to astrology but is less concerned with the zodiacal positions of the planets, focusing instead on how they’re located in the landscape and skyscape around us.

Rob will explain how he started out on this research, and he’ll relate his own surprising findings.  He’ll also share technical tips for how you can embark on your own personal investigations into Geosynchronicity.  We’ll look at how these observations can be used as tools for introspection – particularly in relation to the study of our own life stories.

Glastonbury features strongly on Rob‘s own Geosynchronicity maps. He moved here with his family last summer, and works in town as a musician, tutor, and producer.

Doors open from 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.
Abbey House, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EL.
£8 on the door (£7 concs.)
Entry is on a first arrival basis.

We would like to do our upmost to be attentive to the needs of everyone attending our talks, including those who have delicate immune systems. If you have a cough, cold, or are unwell with any type of virus, please come along on another occasion when you are fully recovered. If this means that you will miss a talk that you are particularly keen on attending, please contact us in advance so that we can explore what we can do to assist.

Unfortunately, at the current time, it is not possible to accommodate dogs for the evening.

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