Wed 7th
John Morrissey
Storywheel: A three-in-one model for creatively awakening the soul of Britain

The birth sign of our Monarchy is Capricorn, from when William the Conqueror made a power pact with the City of London and was anointed king. From the Doomsday book through to now, we have been subjects paying taxes for continual wars against other sovereign nations, the planet and ourselves. We cannot solve our problems or live peacefully with our present thinking and leadership.

While we negotiate our independence from the EU, the planets Pluto & Saturn are in Capricorn until 2020. This represents our window of opportunity for fundamental reform & transformation for the betterment of humanity. A time to expand what works and cut away to re-create what does not, through heart/mind inclusive vision on center ground.

With story and creative dialogue, John will reveal how Storywheel can unite us to realise an evolved shared sovereignty.

  • Creative Resource Exchange
  • A database network hub to exchange knowledge, share, teach or learn new creative gifts, set up workshops, events or new enterprise projects.
  • Sovereignty Circles
  • Empower your voice and express your vision.  Conjoin with others in unity consciousness to heal, expand and inspire our collective psyche.
  • Peoples Arts Project
  • Multi-media community showcase events and large-scale celebrations with fresh stories and empowering myths to celebrate new found freedoms.

In 1987, I joined with others on Glastonbury Tor for the Harmonic Convergence. It was the world’s first global gathering and served to anchor new energies for our successful passage into a new age of Aquarius.
Shortly after, on my Saturn return, I underwent an inner transformation experiencing my spirit. I awoke to my life role, seeing circles within circles; connecting circles of people to circles of resources.
I returned to Glastonbury in 1991 and embarked on a journey to discover the soul and destiny of Britain and Ireland with the sacred circle to unveil and empower us. I found what I sought, yet knew I must wait for the time it could be acted upon.
On the equinox of the new millennium, I married my beautiful wife who is from America and we moved to Oregon to enjoy the forest by the Pacific Ocean.  I worked with Native American children and became acutely conscious of their past and present persecution. They embody the loss of our own indigenous identity throughout the last millennium.
When I returned to Britain, I spent four years laying mandalas, while seeding and developing a Bardic Chair and Picnic in the center of England, at Northampton. I then attended Ruskin College in Oxford, to study Writing for Performance; covering creative writing, poetry, songs and script writing for film and radio.
Returning to Oregon I wrote a book about my journey from Glastonbury called: A Traveller’s Tale. Journey to Sovereignty. As I was finishing writing, Britain voted to leave the EU. I knew this is the time to share my findings.
I have no claim to title or belief to sell. I am standing on new ground and qualified by my experience of life to act as a catalyst and inspirer for creative community empowerment.

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