Wed 21st
Fay Vale
Amazing contact in art and strange writing

Since speaking about my strange encounters with UFO s and space people I have come across many who have had profound experiences that they have kept  hidden from others. Tonight’s talk will be about my own experiences; the contact that I still have today, not only in the Art that is a true gift, but also in the written work and the strange writing. Writing that I can now get translated for more understanding. There are many undiscovered planets and many beings who keep a watchful eye on earth and are helping us in numerous ways. A huge number of people have had contact but as it is a phenomenon that has often been ridiculed, they have been reluctant to come forward. Tonight you can feel comfortable to speak .

Some of you know and feel that Earth is not your true home. Some of you will feel that you may have been adopted as I did as a child, never feeling like I fitted into the family. Some are Hybrids and Star children that have amazing talents and much insight.

So tonight I bring you my evidence that this is truly happening ~ both with my extraordinary art and my written work. This has been hard for me to do and my family do not all accept it, yet I have to stand up and speak as the time is right to share what many have experienced in silence.

Art and written work will be on display .


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