Wed 17th
James Rippingale
An Introduction to
Theta Healing

Join Theta Healer/Musician James Rippingale for an introduction to Theta Healing, where James will share his own journey with this remarkable healing modality, how it helped him makes shifts in his own life, and how it can help you.

In this evening of experiential learning, you can experience the Theta brain state for yourself through a simple and easy meditation inviting a deep sense of calm, inner peace, and connection. We’ll explore how beliefs act as a powerful driving force in our lives and how you can use Theta Healing to change them and create a life you love.

You can learn what ThetaHealing Downloads are and experience them yourself. You’ll be shown how to do an energy test for limiting beliefs, and James will offer a group energy healing session so you can directly experience old beliefs shift and change for yourself.

With its heart-centred and gentle approach, Theta Healing works entirely in harmony with your own free will and yet can create amazing results. If you want to feel a deeper connection with the love and guidance already within you, to release your stuff and get into the flow of life, then this is for you.

James is a Theta healer and musician based in Glastonbury, where he lives his passions for music and healing. He works with creative and spiritual people to help them release their blocks and level their lives so they can live their dreams. He teaches Theta Healing courses and works with clients all over the world. As a classical guitarist, James loves performing, teaching, and composing and is the director of Glastonbury Guitar Academy. He also loves cats, music, reading, and very large cups of tea…

Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury BA6 9NB
Doors open from 6.30pm for a start at 7pm.
£8.00 on the door (£7.00 concs. for those who are on a very low income).
Delicious teas and organic biscuits are included.

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