Wed 4th
Benjamin Turale
Secrets of Alchemy, Hermetics and Glastonbury

Alchemy is an art dating back to ancient Egypt that unites consciousness and matter. Throughout the ages alchemists have applied the Hermetic teachings to achieve change in reality whether on themselves, their work in the lab or in society at large.  This talk will briefly explore some of the history of alchemy, what alchemists do and secret alchemical principles that are used to facilitate transformation. The discussion will also examine the hidden alchemical history of Glastonbury and using Hermetic principles will illuminate what makes Glastonbury so unique.

Benjamin is an initiated alchemist and fully qualified counsellor living in Glastonbury. He completed his initial alchemical studies through his ongoing mentor Mr. Dennis William Hauck. Benjamin divides his time currently between running herbal alchemy workshops, serving the International Alchemy Guild as Director of Education and in organising the forthcoming Alchemy Guild Conference in Glastonbury in May. His current interest is on the marriage of Alchemy and Solomonic Magic. In his spare time he also writes, produces and performs ambient electronic music under his moniker, Primum Ens.

Details of the forthcoming Glastonbury Alchemy Conference can be found at:


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