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Mandala Exhibition in Ilminster

Exhibition Mandalas and other works Until 25th May 2024   The Millhouse Gallery Rose Mills Industrial Estate Ilminster TA19 9PS Tel: 01460 52866 This is not a Glastonbury Inner Light […]

Wed 5th
Dave Dobbs
What is the big blue planet we reinvent every 84 years? And why is the summer solstice such a potent and cosmic event? Welcome to Jupiter in a way you have never seen before…

Dave Dobbs is a seasoned Planet X filmmaker and author. His YouTube channel has exploded with not only incredible astronomical sightings from around the world but also momentous earth changes […]

Wed 12th
Brian Snyder
Nite Skool

Another presentation from Brian Snyder of ‘Your Body Never Lies,’ who previously demonstrated Body Language adjustments as well as EnergyWorks last year. Nite Skool is a simple meditation that activates […]

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