Wed 23rd
Dave Balian
🌷 Spring Equinox
Birthday Meditation
Magical Gathering 🌷
Collectively Extending Ki

Tonight we will explore how, by extending our Ki, we can bring about real change in our lives. O Sensei’s philospohy, manifest in Aikido, can and will resolve conflict. For this to work it is helpful to explore what he meant by Conflict Resolution and how his practice can bring us to a state of peace. O Sensei’s overriding wish was to create world peace.

At the Equinox, energy flowing in the universe accentuates at crucial crossing points. At these times and in this place we can combine our collective Ki to restore balance and harmony for ourselves and for others.

In this experiential class we will explore together the intricacies of Extending Ki.

This evening is a special event to celebrate both the doorway into Spring and Sam’s birthday. We will begin the evening with an Agnihotra meditation by the tree on the back lawn at sunset, 18:16,
led by Dave. We will then proceed indoors for our talk on Extending Ki,
Ki Breathing exercises, and maybe even some gentle Aikido exercises suitable for everyone.

This will be followed by some music and more tea.

Everyone welcome! Wear something Equinoxtastic and bring yourselves as the gifts that you are. If you play an instrument, bring it along! Tonight is also for all who have had a birthday recently (or even not so recently) and who would like to extend the celebration!

It is a magic hat event.

Please arrive at 18:00 if you can and would like to take part in the beautiful Agnihotra meditation (highly recommended!) and wrap up warmly. Otherwise come along for 18:30.

For the Agnihotra we will gather by the large tree on the lawn.
Please take full responsibility for your own wellbeing, be extremely careful not to slip if the ground is at all damp and take care in the twilight as the sun sets. If you would like a chair and have a lightweight camping one that you can bring easily, please do – or a cushion if you prefer.

While allowing for spontaneity in the moment, we are generally planning to be outdoors for around 20 – 30 minutes to enjoy the setting sun and the incredible atmosphere of the “perpetual choir” birdsong before moving to the house.

We ask you to attend only if you are confident that you are very well and are prepared to look after by every means, our more vulnerable attendees. We wish to take care to make sure that everyone at the group feels and is safe as far as possible. If you are unwell  (virus / coughs / colds) or have been with someone who is or very recently has been, please join us for another of the evening coming up soon instead.

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