Wed 4th
Shaun Kirwan
An Evening with Archangels

In this experiential evening workshop, held in the glorious surrounds of the Abbey House Garden, will will explore our connection with the Angels, how to connect with them and how to experience their grace, healing and Love for humanity.
There will be an opportunity to meet the energy and consciousness of some of the most well known Archangels with the sole purpose for you to be able to connect with them in the future. It is their Loving wish that all who need the aid of the angels will gain the knowledge and confidence to do so.
“When I started working with Angels I asked them what they were? A deep resonant voice spoke in mind mind ‘We are the hands of God!’ And since that moment I have worked with them for almost 20 years.” -Shaun Kirwan
Shaun Kiran, aka The Geo-Repairman, draws on his western Geomancy training as well as Shamanic and Buddhist teachings in his work. Shaun has developed intuitive techniques for Earth Healing and creating Sacred Space. He is a natural psychic and dowser with affinity to Nature Spirits, Elementals and Angels, working with them to bring healing and harmony to places and landscapes. Shaun has been teaching dowsing and awareness of earth energies for years. He is often seen at various conscious festivals throughout the year – this year at Sunrise and Unearthed Festivals – where his practical, enthusiastic and easy manner make him a popular presenter.

Shaun also organises events and Avalon Rising Talks Space at festivals and is involved in Megalithomania conference.Shaun is a designer of Stone Circles, sacred sites, medicine wheels and labyrinths, including the Fern Hill Farm Stone Circle and Sunrise 2012 Venus Transit Circle. His Geomantic consultancy operating since 2003, includes home and landscape healing and sacred space creation. He gave a fantastic evening at Glastonbury Positive Living Group last year all about his dowsing work and the creation of multiple stone circles and labyrinths.

Please arrive between 6.30pm and 7pm for tea in the foyer and the talk and meditation with Shaun is planned to begin for 7pm until 9pm. Bring a cushion or/& a folding chair to sit on and perhaps a blanket.
At time of writing, the forecast is very good but as we all know, with English weather it is advisable to bring something warm as the sun goes down and anything else appropriate for your comfort.

Parking space is on the driveway or there are often free parking spaces nearby and parking bays on Silver Street.

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