Scent and Sensuality

Wed 4th
Joseph Hunwick
Scents & Sensuality

Come and experience another exquisite, experiential and mesmerising evening as Joseph Hunwick transforms our room at the Town Hall into an ‘Alchemist’s Kitchen’ of glorious scent with pure incenses and resins! Joseph will lead us more deeply into discovering more about the alchemy of perfumes for healing and transformation. Joseph’s previous evening at the group was very special indeed and enjoyed by all. This follow~up evening in advance of his upcoming series of hands~on workshops will not disappoint.

Watch this space for more details soon…

Joseph spent many years in Egypt, beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood, where he was inspired by his mentor, Omran Hassan, a Perfumer who came from a long line of traditional healers. Hassan’s shop was filled with raw perfumes, and spending much time here, along with explorations through the city’s markets with their spices, dust, people and traffic, such visions and smells were imprinted on his mind, inspiring the realisation that perfume is one of the great Healing Arts.


Joseph Rose

Joseph studied Chinese Medicine under Vietnamese, Chinese and English teachers, qualifying in 1998. Specialising in Perfumery and Natural Cosmetics, Joseph gives healing consultations using acupuncture, massage and perfume, which he mixes individually according to the client’s requirements. Additionally, he runs in-depth workshops for those who wish to explore the world of Perfumes and Aromatics.
Joseph has worked in the world of beauty for many years as a fashion photographer, his images gracing the pages of many top magazines and fashion houses. ‘Fashion For Peace’ is an organisation that Joseph was involved with for a number of years. Based in Kenya, those involved are dedicated to using the medium of fashion design, art and music to create peace among diverse groups. The organisation was begun by friend Ann McCreath as a way of bringing reconciliation after the election violence in Kenya during 2008.
Joseph creates Alchemical Incenses, Aura Sprays, Face creams and other products which are for sale from Joseph himself and can also be found at The Chalice Well Shop at Chalice Well Gardens.

Joseph lives in Glastonbury and works both locally and internationally. He can be contacted via his website.

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