October 2016

Mabon apples

Wed 5th October
The Barefoot Doctor
Where, When & How We Find Ourselves & How To Thrive On It The Modern Taoist Way

A wry and jaunty look at who and what we are and what we’re doing. It all looks fairly obvious at first glance but what we deem to be reality […]

Riell Greyeyes spellbook picture

Wed 12th October
Riell Greyeyes
A Short History of Paganism and Witchcraft up to the 19th Century

In this lecture we’ll take a look at the pre-historic roots of Paganism and witchcraft, their beliefs, rituals and practices, and how they were influenced by the rise and spread […]

Harp John Mysteries Sexuality

Wed 19th October
John Dalton
Mysteries of Sexuality

What is the essence and origin of the male and female? What is the intense power of sexuality? In this talk we look at esoteric ideas on ‘The Fall’ into […]


Wed 26th October
Hugh le Prevost
The Lodge of King Arthur

There has been much speculation concerning the truth about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The Scots and the Welsh claim this historical figure for their own […]

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November 2016


Wed 2nd
Joseph Hunwick
The Alchemy Of Perfume: Exploring The Beauty & Healing Properties Of Aromatics

Natural Perfumer, Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Joseph Hunwick, will take us into a deep exploration into the profoundly healing and transformative power of perfume and aromatics, and their relation […]


Wed 9th
Kim Moore-Cullen
An Evening Of Mediumship

Join us for a fascinating evening of Mediumship with Kim Moore-Cullen. Kim is a working international medium, healer and tutor in spiritual development, awareness, trance and physical. She has taught […]

cultivating-the-dantian-illustration copy (1)

Wed 16th
Dr. William Bloom
The Secrets Of The Inner Smile

The Inner Smile is often described as the most effective self-healing meditation and mind-body strategy of them all. It can benefit everyone. Its powerful physiological and psychological effects cascade through […]

Violet Flame Rowena

Wed 23rd
Rowena Beaumont
Evolving EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is now being scientifically validated faster than any other therapy in history. Rowena has pioneered EFT since 2002 and works alongside Dr Rosy Daniel in Bath […]

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Wed 30th
Flat Earth And Soul Implications
(Spinning Globe Earth Deconstruction)

During more than a decade of research, Mark Knight, aka Waykiwayki, has covered subjects which have ranged from the New World Order, to Western Mysticism, through to True Cosmology and […]

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December 2016

Stephen du Ross 2

Wed 7th December
Machines Of The Ancients
Stephen du Ross

Stephen du Ross is a professional stonemason, geomancer, dowser and builder of stone circles. In this presentation he will be exploring the clues left behind by our ancestors at their […]

Rose Heart

Wed 14th December
The Awakening of Your Divinity

The wonderful Divyael joins us again for another evening of healing and an update on the information that he has received over the past year. Divyael will be working with […]

Divyael violet-fire

Saturday 17th December
WORKSHOP with Divyael
The Integration of the New Higher Energies on Mother Earth

A wonderful and rare opportunity to spend a deeply relaxing and peaceful afternoon together with Divyael as we discuss and experience more deeply, the journey of our hearts and the […]

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About our Group

The group meets every Wednesday evening at the Glastonbury Town Hall. Each week a talk is given by some of the most inspirational speakers in the field of alternative living, followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.
It all began on Wednesday 10th September 2008 with Liz Josey and has been growing steadily ever since. Kaff Brooks took over the full running of the group from Liz, followed by Colleen and Glen Tucker.
Samia has been running the organisation and hosting of the group since July 2015.

The main aim of the group is to act as a neutral platform for a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in. Another aim of the group is to promote community living so wherever possible a local person will be the guest speaker.

The group is open to all those interested in bringing about personal and spiritual growth and global harmony. It is a wonderful way to relax and take some time for yourself and your own personal development, and well as a great way meet new people and make friends in the Glastonbury community. Come and join us each week for an evening of enlightenment!

A message from us!

Dear friends, Welcome to Glastonbury Positive Living Group. Our aim is to continue to allow this very special space to flourish, where all who are living in or visiting Glastonbury are invited to meet regularly for stimulating, inspiring talks and presentations. We also invite you to enjoy a wide selection of delicious teas in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and above all, to connect with others, to make new friends and to strengthen existing friendships.


“These talks aren’t just platforms for a myriad of interesting people, they are also a warm, inviting space where people can feel engaged in a safe place.”

“Thank you so much for organising these meetings. I have loved every one I have been able to come to and greatly look forward to the ones to come.”

“Thank you for providing such an important and inspirational service in our community and in my case, the location for a life changing experience. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you so much for holding this space for community to come together, for friendships to be made and strengthened, for powerful learning and transformation to take place. Powerful stuff!”.

We facilitate a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in.