January 2017

men greeting sun. Stands on hill, ocean and yellow sunset

Wed 11th
Change has Happened: Reveal Your Best Year Yet!
Michael James

In this intriguing, highly practical and interactive talk, Michael challenges conventional personal development concepts and shares “take home” techniques which will prepare you for the best year of your life […]

Star of Ishtar

Wed 18th
Star of Ishtar
Paul Weston

In 1992, in the midst of a Babylonian past-life saga and the energy blast of initiation into Reiki and Osho Sannyas, Paul experienced a coming together of all his interests […]

Lys talk Tree

Wed 25th
Learning the landscapes of the Spine
Lys Wild

The spine is our fundamental structural axis from which all other body functions are intimately connected. Our very balance and well being relate to and depend upon maintaining a strength […]

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February 2017

Vali Bridget my choice

Wed 1st
Vali Drum
Bridget , Honoring New Journeys with the Triple Goddess of Healing, Love and Wisdom: the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Springtime is often favorite in our hearts as fresh new ideas enthused with new warmth by the birth of longer days of Summer to come. An expectancy arises as Buds […]

Daniel Pinchbeck How Soon Is Now book cover

Wed 8th
Daniel Pinchbeck
How Soon Is Now?
From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation

Tonight we are delighted to be joined by New York Times Bestselling author, Daniel Pinchbeck, as he presents and discusses his latest book, How Soon Is Now? From Personal Initiation […]

Jacqueline St Valentine

Wed 15th
Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs
Love, Letting Go & Living With Nature

What is love and how do we let go? How do we step out of our drama and interact with others and their “stuff”? And where does our relationship with […]

Miguel hands pic

Wed 22nd
Miguel Dean
Into The Light

‘There is a wind of change that is blowing across the planet and The Great Awakening is underway. More and more people are realising that ‘business as usual’ is no […]

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March 2017

Tor Rainbow 2

Wed 1st
Martin Campbell
Deities that challenge mainstream concepts of Spirituality and Sexuality

Martin Campbell was a senior manager in the NHS. In 2012 he narrowly survived a catastrophic stroke. However, with love, spirituality and positivity, made a significant recovery. It changed his […]

Jo Kenworthy featured pic

Wed 8th
Jo Kenworthy
Conscious Dreamer of the Mayan Wavespell

Jo has been exploring the Mayan Wavespell since she first came to a Glastonbury Positive Living Group talk in 2011 This talk has been designed to be experiential and magickal […]

Louise Art of Sacred Geo large pic

Wed 15th
Art of Sacred Geometry
The Flower of Life Revealed

What if the Flower of Life was, actually, a key to unlocking a whole system of information for the structure of life on this planet? Like a coding language without […]

Free cake rasta

Wed 22nd
Hemptation Anniversary Special!
Celebrating 20 years of Hemp in Avalon

The Hemptation of Free Love Cannabis Performed by Geraint the Bard In 1994 Free read a book that would significantly change his life. The book, ‘The Emperor wears no clothes’, […]

money trees

Wed 29th
James North
The New Age, Truth And Illusions: Getting Real About Money

Understanding the connection between spirituality and economics is the key to making the New Age more than a marketing slogan. Prophets, clairvoyants and dreamers have been talking about the Age […]

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April 2017

Astro AngelwithHarp 2

Wed 5th
The Alchemical Journey to the Golden City
John Wadsworth & Vicki Burke

Astrologer John Wadsworth & musician Vicki Burke present an evening of music, poetry and story, weaving a journey through the twelve zodiac signs of the astrological and seasonal year, and […]

Julie Ann Banner

Wed 12th
How can better breathing change your life and improve your health and wellbeing?
Julie Ann Horrox

Transformational Breath® is considered by many to be the most comprehensive and cutting edge breathing system available on the planet today. There are 1000’s of Facilitators and Trainers worldwide, who […]

Tareth light

Wed 19th
Soul Sounds ~ The Language of Creation

We all know the universal language of divine love because that is who we are. Tonight, Tareth will speak about his awakening to it and Celebrate it with you in […]

Dr Rosy bluebells

Wed 26th
What is at the heart of healing?
Dr. Rosy Daniel

We invite you to a very special evening with acclaimed Integrative Medicine Consultant, Dr Rosy Daniel. Tonight Dr Daniel will share inspirational stories of those that have healed cancer, identifying the […]

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About our Group

The group meets every Wednesday evening at the Glastonbury Town Hall. Each week a talk is given by some of the most inspirational speakers in the field of alternative living, followed by light refreshments and the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.

The main aim of the group is to act as a neutral platform for a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in. Another aim of the group is to promote community living so wherever possible a local person will be the guest speaker.

The group is open to all those interested in bringing about personal and spiritual growth and global harmony. It is a wonderful way to relax and take some time for yourself and your own personal development, and well as a great way meet new people and make friends in the Glastonbury community. Come and join us each week for an evening of enlightenment!

A message from us!

Dear friends, Welcome to Glastonbury Positive Living Group. Our aim is to continue to allow this very special space to flourish, where all who are living in or visiting Glastonbury are invited to meet regularly for stimulating, inspiring talks and presentations. We also invite you to enjoy a wide selection of delicious teas in a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and above all, to connect with others, to make new friends and to strengthen existing friendships.


“These talks aren’t just platforms for a myriad of interesting people, they are also a warm, inviting space where people can feel engaged in a safe place.”

“Thank you so much for organising these meetings. I have loved every one I have been able to come to and greatly look forward to the ones to come.”

“Thank you for providing such an important and inspirational service in our community and in my case, the location for a life changing experience. Keep up the good work.”

“Thank you so much for holding this space for community to come together, for friendships to be made and strengthened, for powerful learning and transformation to take place. Powerful stuff!”.

We facilitate a variety of alternative ideas and practices which may offer solutions to the challenges many of us face in this ever changing world we live in.